Photo: Jane Lazarz
Please click the links below to explore some of the variety of Fauna found at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve and wetlands.




Reptiles and Amphibians


Birds & Chicks of Bolsa Chica

Chicks of Bolsa Chica

01-Endangered-least-ternPhotograph courtesy of Steve Smith

02-endangered-snowy-ploverPhotograph courtesy of Steve Smith

03-tern-chickPhotograph courtesy of Steve Smith

04-elegant-ternsPhotograph courtesy of Steve Smith

05-black-skimmersPhotograph courtesy of Steve Smith

06-black-necked-stiltsPhotograph courtesy of Steve Smith

Anna's Hummingbird-Jane_LazarzPhotograph courtesy of Jane Lazarz

08-plover-mom-with-chickPhotograph courtesy of Steve Smith

09-caspian-tern-with-chicksPhotograph courtesy of Steve Smith

10-great-horned-owl-with-juvenile-horned-owlPhotograph courtesy of Babs Levitan

Birds of Bolsa Chica

01-American-cootPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

02-american_kestrelPhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

03-AvocetPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

04-Black-Bellied-PloverPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

05-Black-Necked-StiltPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

Photograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

07-California-GullPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

08-Caspian-TernPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

09-Eared-GrebePhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

10-Fosters-TernPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

11-GodwitPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

12-Great-Blue-HeronPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

Photograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

14-Great-Horned-OwlPhotograph courtesy of Babs Levitan

15-KilldeerPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

16-Least-TernPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

17-Lesser-ScaupPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

19-Mallard-DuckPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

Photograph courtesy of Jane Lazarz

21-Savannah-SparrowPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

Animals of Bolsa Chica


01-CoyotePhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

02-Ground-SquirrelPhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

03-Cottontail-RabbitPhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

Amphibians and Reptiles

06-west-pacific-rattlesnakePhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

04-western-fence-lizardPhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby


07-common-hairstreakPhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

08-fiery-skipperPhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

09-monarchPhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

10-wadering-skipperPhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

11-flame-skimmer-dragonflyPhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

12-vampire-dragonflyPhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby