A wonderful rainy day


Last Sunday it was raining.  It wasn’t raining a lot, more like sprinkling, but it sure was nice.  We still had our work day despite the rainy weather and had a lot of fun.  The Garden Grove High School Environmental Club joined us along with a few independent volunteers.  We’ve had the High School group out before and they are a great group of students.  The work of the day consisted of the same thing we were doing the weekend before: clearing away the non-native grasses from our native bunch grasses, planting tar plant, and watering the new plants.  Many of the volunteers were telling me how much fun it was to find the native grasses among the weeds, sort of like a scavenger hunt.  I feel the same way and it’s such a gratifying reward to find the natives hidden between the non-natives, and see the natives still alive despite the competition with the non-natives.

Some of the Stewards were feeling goofy (I blame the joy of the rain) and decided to create a tar plant forest.  They even built a giant berm around the forest which looked like a mountain range.  I’m glad they had so much fun even if they didn’t follow instructions to plant the tar plant with individual berms.  I fear I have a revolution on my hands (just kidding).

One of the High School students got really created as well and created heart berms around the tar plants.  I love seeing people having fun while restoring the land to native habitat!  Who says volunteering isn’t fun?!


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