Adopt-a-plot 2016 Environmental Heroes

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It’s the beginning of Autumn and the Fountain Valley High School Sea Leaf Club and Cub Scout Pack 541 have been learning a lot about the struggles of habitat restoration in a drought (and in general), the different seasons and the effects on the habitat, and native vs. non-native plants.

img_2685I want to thank these two groups for their perseverance, patience, and positivity since January.  Without the more-than-average rain that was expected (or much rain in total) which pushed us into another year of drought down here in Southern California, trying to grow young plants, let alone native young grass, is not a challenge for the weak.




These brave cub scouts and high school environmental heroes took on this challenge for a full year.  This summer hasn’t been kind and the rabbits have been very hungry, but if you look very closely, you can still see a few green shoots clinging onto life.  Therefore, even though it’s probably not what these groups had expected when they signed onto this endeavor, they have learned a lot and through their hard diligent work have been keeping their plants alive.

Well Done!


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