Baby Pictures of the Ridgway Rails from Steven Eric Smith


Thanks to Kelly O’Reilly with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for sharing her nesting updates, and Steven Eric Smith for the beautiful pictures!

The Ridgway (former Clapper) Rails have 3 broods this year at Bolsa Chica!  There are the ‘magnificent seven’ chick brood, a 2-chick brood and 4-chick brood for a total of 13 chicks.  One of the chicks from last year’s brood (a very blond female) is one of the mothers this year too!

We also have several White-faced Ibises out in the marsh with the Forster’s Terns, and the Black Skimmers, Elegant and Caspian Terns are getting busy on North Tern Island.  The California Least Terns and Western Snowy Plovers are also nesting.

We hope you can visit the Reserve and enjoy our amazing wildlife.

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