Board Meeting Agenda February 11th, 2016

Bolsa Chica Land Trust –Bolsa Chica Board Room

Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa

Board Meeting Agenda February 11th, 2016

 Meeting Agenda

 I.             Call to Order – 7:00

II.             Approval of prior meeting minutes  

III.        Board of Directors Vote to re-elect the following Board members:

Jennifer Thomas, Dan Kalmick, Marinka Horack, Jim Anderson, Roberta Armstrong, Connie Boardman, Jerry Chapman, Dave Hamilton, Mikel Hogan, Flossie Horgan, Mike McMahan, Karen Merickel, Jayson Ruth, Marc Stirdivant and Laurel Telfer

IV.        Treasurer Report – Jim

V.         Committee Reports/Action/Discussion Items

Property/Land Acquisition Committee Report –Mike

Development Committee Report – Roberta

Governmental Relations Committee Report –Kim

Communications Committee Report

Education/Technology Committee Report –Dan                    

Restoration Committee Report – Erin

VI.        Closed Session

VII.       Other









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