Photo: Jane Lazarz
Please click the links below to explore some of the variety of Fauna found at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve and wetlands.




Reptiles and Amphibians

Marine Life and Invertebrates

Birds & Chicks of Bolsa Chica

Chicks of Bolsa Chica

01-Endangered-least-ternPhotograph courtesy of Steve Smith

02-endangered-snowy-ploverPhotograph courtesy of Steve Smith

03-tern-chickPhotograph courtesy of Steve Smith

04-elegant-ternsPhotograph courtesy of Steve Smith

05-black-skimmersPhotograph courtesy of Steve Smith

06-black-necked-stiltsPhotograph courtesy of Steve Smith

Anna's Hummingbird-Jane_LazarzPhotograph courtesy of Jane Lazarz

08-plover-mom-with-chickPhotograph courtesy of Steve Smith

09-caspian-tern-with-chicksPhotograph courtesy of Steve Smith

10-great-horned-owl-with-juvenile-horned-owlPhotograph courtesy of Babs Levitan

Birds of Bolsa Chica

01-American-cootPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

02-american_kestrelPhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

03-AvocetPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

04-Black-Bellied-PloverPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

Black-necked stiltsPhotograph courtesy of Vince Thomas

Photograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

07-California-GullPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

08-Caspian-TernPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

09-Eared-GrebePhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

Forster's ternPhotograph courtesy of Norman Chu

11-GodwitPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

burrowing owl
Photo courtesy of Jane Lazarz

Great Blue heronPhotograph courtesy of Jane Lazarz

Photograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

14-Great-Horned-OwlPhotograph courtesy of Babs Levitan

KilldeerPhotograph courtesy of Mark Bixby

16-Least-TernPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

ridgway rail
Photo courtesy of Steve Eric Smith

Photograph courtesy of Jane Lazarz

lesser scaup duckPhotograph courtesy of Kurt Bayless

Photo courtesy of Cindy Tiehen

19-Mallard-DuckPhotograph courtesy of Larry Wan

sparrowPhotograph courtesy of Norman Chu

Other Animals of Bolsa Chica


01-CoyotePhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

ground squirrelPhotograph courtesy of Jane Lazarz

03-Cottontail-RabbitPhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

Ca sealionPhoto courtesy of E. Chin

Amphibians and Reptiles

Photo courtesy of E. Chin

06-west-pacific-rattlesnakePhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

western fence lizardPhotograph courtesy of Jane Lazarz

side blotched lizard
Photo courtesy of E. Chin

legless lizard
Photo courtesy of Beverley Hansen

green sea turtle
Photo courtesy of Stephanie White

Marine life and Invertebrates

07-common-hairstreakPhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

08-fiery-skipperPhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

09-monarchPhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

10-wadering-skipperPhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

11-flame-skimmer-dragonflyPhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

12-vampire-dragonflyPhotograph courtesy of Mark D. Bixby

round ray
Photo courtesy of Carl Jackson

Photo courtesy of John Hannan

Photo courtesy of Alan Wendall