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Trail Maps

Trail Maps

Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve has approximately 5 miles of trails that intersect with other nearby public trails outside of the Reserve boundary which are not managed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Many people use the relatively flat trails for running, hiking, birding, and photography and want to know trail distances and names. New visitors, and even some regulars, enjoy a map to help guide them around the reserve’s trails.  That’s why we have created multiple map options, so you can choose the right map for you.

The Basic B&W Map is great for the trail runner or hiker who just wants the trail distances and names without all the other features cluttering up the page.
The Detailed B&W Map is good for the person who wants a more detailed map with the features but wants to save colored ink.
The Detailed Colored Map is for new visitors or people who want easy color-coded trails and features.

* Some trails or sections of trail may be closed for restoration, maintenance, or other reasons.  Stay on trail and follow all posted signage.

Digital Trail Map

Click on the expand button at the top right to open it in Google Maps.  It is best viewed in a browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) on a computer.  Alternatively, you can open it up in Google Maps App on your phone to view your location in relation to the trails if you have Android phone.  Sorry iphone users, the map doesn’t really render well in Google Maps App.  However, iphone users can open the map up in Safari or another browser on your phone and see it just fine (just not with your actual location on the map).

Basic Black and White Trail Map

Detailed Black and White Trail Map

Detailed Colored Trail Map

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