Interview with a Steward- Kerry Martin

This week I had the opportunity to interview one of our dedicated Sunday Stewards Kerry Martin.  We are fortunate that Kerry joins us almost every Sunday work day, because we are just one of the many wonderful environmental non-profits he volunteers with; and we are by far the farthest drive for him.  Kerry is a fun-loving guy who has a great sense of humor, a discerning sweet tooth, and gives warm smiles and hugs.  Plus, he’s one of the people who REALLY likes plants and not only because the plants feed the critters.


When did you join the BCLT Stewards?

Kerry: I used to surf at the Bolsa Chica and became aware of the wetlands. When the surf was flat I’d sometimes go over and walk, and I liked it. I joined the Amigos, got interested in CA native plants and habitat restoration, heard about the Land Trust, and switched over maybe 7 or 8 years ago.

Why did you join the Stewards? What’s your favorite activity with the Stewards and why?

Kerry: I just like being out there, and I especially like sticking plants in the ground.


What is your favorite season at Bolsa Chica and why?

Kerry: Spring is probably my favorite season because I really like colors and flowers. Sometimes I like to take a minute, stand up, look at what I and others are doing, check out the view, and just enjoy.

What is one piece of advice you would give to volunteers? Why would you encourage others to become Stewards?

Kerry: I encourage others to do the same, and to continue to participate in a worthwhile, fulfilling, and fun activity with a lot of neat people.


What is one of your favorite memories/stories while out on the Mesa?

 Kerry: I remember a few years ago when we were getting some rain, and I just wanted to head down and take a walk. As I approached the Point, the Encelias were blooming like crazy, like a meadow of yellow. It was beautiful.


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