Interview with a Steward

Jeff’s license plate all about the Stewards

I recently had the opportunity to interview one of our dedicated Steward volunteers, Jeff Rokos.  I’ve only been with the Stewards for 2.5 years while most of the Stewards have been out restoring the Mesa for decades.  I continue to learn a lot from them and wanted to share some of their stories.

When did you join the BCLT Stewards?

Jeff: I believe it was 1996 when I joined the BCLT Stewards.
Why did you join the Stewards?

Jeff: I joined because I wanted to get my hands in the dirt of the land that I was helping conserve.
What’s your favorite activity with the Stewards and why?

Jeff: During our Stewards work days, my favorite activity is distributing the water used to sustain our plantings. Maybe because my astrological sign is the water-bearer.
What is your favorite season at Bolsa Chica and why?

Jeff: My favorite season at Bolsa Chica is autumn because that’s when the planting season starts.


What is one piece of advice you would give to volunteers?

Jeff: The advice I would give to other volunteers would be to share your sense of accomplishment afterwards so that others will want to volunteer too.
Why would you encourage others to become Stewards?

Jeff: I encourage others to become Stewards because the fruits of your labors will be here for you to enjoy for a lifetime.

What is one of your favorite memories/stories while out on the Mesa?

Jeff: One of my favorite memories on the Mesa was the time that a small snake slithered through the circle of people gathered on Mesa Point during the annual, Native Americans’ Ancestors Walk.


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