Interview with Danny the Jr. Stewards Coordinator


This past week I had the pleasure to interview Danny the Jr. Stewards Coordinator who is in charge of the kids and families during the restoration work days each month.  Danny has been bringing the Paramount High School Green Club out to volunteer with the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter Inspiring Connections Outdoors (ICO) section (previously the Inner City Outings section) for the past 5 years.  He joined the Land Trust as the Jr. Stewards Coordinator 2 years ago and it’s been a pleasure to work with him.  Plus, he brings the best snacks ever!

When did you join the BCLT Stewards (for you when did you start to get involved with the Stewards)?

Danny: I’ve been the junior stewards coordinator for the last two years. I’ve participated in work days with the stewards for the past five years.

Why did you join the Stewards?

Danny: I love the meaningful work that the Bolsa Chica Land Trust accomplishes, and I wanted to be part of it. I enjoy working with our native plants and grasses, watching them thrive (or get eaten). Plus, Sage wrote a killer recommendation letter for me.

What’s your favorite activity with the Stewards and why?

Danny: My favorite activity is planting, of course. But my favorite/least favorite activity is removing Russian thistle. I hate it but also can’t seem to stop. It’s like I need to clear the entire mesa of those stupid tumbleweeds.


What is your favorite season at Bolsa Chica and why?

Danny: My favorite season of the year at Bolsa Chica is summer! I’m on summer vacation, and everything is better on vacation. June Gloom gives way to the scorching sun of July and August, and it’s our duty to protect our native plants and grasses, especially in this drought.

What is one piece of advice you would give to volunteers?

Danny: I would tell volunteers to ask questions. Whether you are a youngster or an adult, whether you are a new volunteer or an experienced Steward, you should always ask questions. Ask if you’re planting, watering, or clearing correctly. Ask why we’re doing something. Be inquisitive.


Why would you encourage others to become Stewards?

Danny: I would encourage people to become Stewards to be part of an organization that protects one of the last remaining wetlands in Orange County. They will learn about the plants, birds, animals, climate, ancient/recent history, native people, and many other aspects of the Bolsa Chica wetlands while restoring native habitat and having fun!

What is one of your favorite memories/stories while out on the Mesa?

Danny: My favorite memory with the Stewards has to be the Junior Stewards trip to Catalina last year. I made a few mistakes, and we almost missed the boat. We had a great time, snorkeling, riding bikes, lounging by the beach, and no one threw up on the boat!


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