Last planting day of the year 2014


It was a perfect day for planting.  The weather was slightly overcast, pleasantly warm, and we had a great group of volunteers who did amazing work and even stayed late!  We had the water truck out even though it had rained and the ground was moist, because you need to water newly planted plants.  If not, the plants might not absorb the moisture from the surrounding soil easily.  We had two main groups of High School students (Rancho Alamitos, Women’s League, and Garden Grove, Environmental Club) who really got into the spirit of it and planted 320 native grasses!  We even ran a little longer than usual because the weather was great and everyone was having so much fun.  All in all, it was a very productive, fun, and wonderful last planting day of the year!

Stats for 2014:

1,753 Volunteers

5,682 Hours

5,059 Native Plants 


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