Paramount High School Green Club members talk about volunteering at Bolsa Chica


One group that comes out to Bolsa Chica a few times a year is the Paramount High School Green Club. Students have to attend meetings and recycle on campus in order to earn a spot on the bus for the Saturday trip. They must monitor one recycling bin on campus weekly and participate in sorting/crushing at least twice a month.

The reason I joined the Bolsa Chica Stewards is the Paramount High School Green Club. I’m a teacher at Paramount High and advisor of the Green Club. Many moons ago our Sierra Club leader, Elizabeth Neat, organized a trip for us to work on the wetlands, and after a few years of trips to Bolsa Chica, Kim Kolpin hired me to work with the Junior Stewards.

Recently, we worked last month and had a great time planting and enjoying all of Bolsa Chica. Our leadership team had many great things to say about the experience:

“What I enjoyed the most about the Bolsa Chica wetlands trip was how we all worked together to plant the purple needlegrass and learn some planting techniques.”
-Roxanne Robles

“I loved how we planted native grasses. Everyone was really friendly and they welcomed you to try to plant and be in groups. It was really fun to learn and have new experiences with the Bolsa Chica Stewards. I would love to go again.”
-Diana Diaz

“Bolsa Chica…besides the warm beach community, the wetlands really made me feel at home. I got to meet many experienced volunteers to describe to us how everything works, what to do today, what to do to help others, and how to help on future trips to the area. Beyond the experience, the aftermath makes it beautiful.”
-Robert Romero- Recycling Coordinator

“Bolsa Chica is a unique experience. We got the opportunity to plant native vegetation and help the ecosystem in that area. We also received a pleasant surprise in the form of a little mouse. It was adorable. We got to learn how to plant as well as see a cute mouse.”
-Anonymous (or anonymouse?)

“Our Green Club contributed to help plant purple needlegrass. We helped provide a safe environment for the wild creatures to have a place to prosper without risking the dangers of the city.”
-Miriam Torres

“I liked how we planted. It was really fun for me because that was my first time planting. I loved learning about the native grasses and would love to go back again to plant more.”
-Mirian Diaz

“I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s planting experience; more so because I learned how to plant the purple and nodding needlegrasses without much water, given our current California drought conditions. I want to thank the Bolsa Chica Land Trust and Sierra Club- ICO for these amazing experiences that they offer to teenagers like myself. There is teaching and learning while emphasizing the fun in learning new techniques. With much thanks.”
Lucy Martinez- Green Club President



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