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Research at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve

A Unique Place for Scientific Research

Research Proposal and grant details

Research Grant Details



Bolsa Chica Land Trust’s mission is to preserve and restore Bolsa Chica wetlands and mesas, with oversight by California Department of Fish and Wildlife. 

Scholarly research is needed to better understand and enumerate native flora and fauna, as well as document longitudinal changes occurring because of human impact, climate change, and restoration projects. The Land Trust invites proposals from interested academic faculty and students interested in ecological research.  

Grants are available to support study costs in amounts between $250 and $3,000, depending on number of proposals accepted, quality of proposal, and budget justification. If justified, funding will be extended for multi-year studies.  

Preference will be given to academic faculty, doctoral, and masters student proposals. Undergraduate students will be allowed access to the reserve if included under faculty proposals.  

Types of Research Accepted
Flora/fauna observational studies
Association research (correlational)
Experimental (intervention) research with pre-approval 

We are currently accepting proposals. The Research Committee will conduct a blinded review to evaluate applications on scientific merit of the proposal, the applicant’s ability to conduct the research, and relevance to advancing knowledge and preservation of the Bolsa Chica wetlands and mesa habitats. Allow 2 months for notification of grant award.


Proposal Submission Format


(Missing data will delay notification) 

General Instructions
A complete application should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.  Put the title of the project in a header.

Title page (Identifying information on title page only)  
Title of project, investigators, degrees (or expected graduation), research roles on project, emails, cell phone numbers, department, institution, mailing address, date 

Project introduction and background  
Literature review (with citations) of what has been done previously and what is still unknown (gaps). The review should provide adequate background and justification for the current study.  

Purpose Statement 
Brief purpose of this project.  

Measurable Research Questions/Hypotheses
List each research question, aim, hypothesis. Underline the dependent variables that will be measured during this study.  

Provide details of how the dependent variable(s) will be measured. Details might include who is responsible for the observation/collection/treatment and how, where, when samples will be taken, and how the data will be recorded (written notes, recordings). Details should also include how samples collected will be analyzed onsite or offsite (if applicable).  

Data analysis/Evaluation plan
Provide the data analysis plan.  

Projected Timeline
Include when the project will start, interim activities, and when the raw data and final report will be provided to BCLT and CDFW.   

If grant funding is being requested from Bolsa Chica Land Trust, include a budget justification page (narrative or table) detailing the amount of funding needed for supplies, equipment, travel, etc. Describe what will be provided by the home institution in each category, and what is being requested from Bolsa Chica Land Trust. Do not include salaries. Also state whether funding will be requested for additional years. 

Budgets should include itemized costs and justification and may include supplies and equipment, technical support, and data analysis.

Budgets should not include payments to authors, indirect costs, fringe benefits, funding for faculty release time, travel expenses, or meeting registration fees.

References cited above  

Curriculum vitae (faculty), and/or Resumé (students) showing course work, lab work, etc. to support qualification, AND advisor letter of reference.

Please email complete Research Proposals to Erin Chin as a Microsoft Word document
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Our Location

Bolsa Chica Land Trust
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Bolsa Chica Land Trust is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit

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