Snakes. by Danny

by Danny


Three in a row. After seeing one harmless snake in one full year at Bolsa Chica, I’ve now seen a rattlesnake each of the last two Stewards days. I even named him: Randy–the rattler.

In the beginning of July, a couple walking the trails called me over to tell me they saw a snake. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I thought. Another garter snake. I remembered my first experience with a snake a few months back. I was fixing a berm and saw something slithering two feet behind me. I leapt towards the trail as fast as I could (it was harmless and fairly small).

This time, however, was a bit different. This couple found a big rattler, who crossed the trail into the Junior Stewards triangle, where I was about to start weeding. Yikes! (see the trail he left in the picture). Randy seemed to enjoy chilling in the super tarplant gazebo we made for him.

by Danny

Last stewards day, Randy the Rattler was back at it in the Junior Stewards area west of the triangle. One of the High School kids getting volunteer hours pointed it out. “Hey teacher. There’s a snake over there.”

We had three of our younger Junior Stewards, Devyn D., Sarah T., and Cole T., very eager to get a look at the rattlesnake. Randy got a bit agitated, stood up a bit, then calmed down and returned to a hole. We were hoping he’d catch the squirrel that continued to sneak up on the snack table…

Devyn, Sarah, and Cole found a more appropriate creature to play with.


Danny Hasheminejad

Junior Stewards Coordinator

Note: As in every aspect of our restoration project, much care is taken to ensure that our work does not interfere with the movement of wildlife, and that all volunteers stay safe.  Bolsa Chica has snakes as part of the habitat and all volunteers are instructed on how to properly respond when a snake is found in the work area.  Working in harmony is what it is all about!

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