Welcome from the Jr. Stewards’ Coordinator

photo by Danny H.

Welcome kids, parents, and anyone else interested in the Bolsa Chica Junior Stewards to our first blog post!
We’re going to use this space to discuss and reflect on what the Junior Stewards are doing. We’ll share highlights of trips and work days. We’ll have kids write blog posts and share their thoughts and ideas.

June 2015
After one year as the Junior Stewards Coordinator, I just want to thank everyone for making the Junior Stewards so awesome. The kids have been amazing and knowledgeable, from the 4-year-olds to the high schoolers. The adult stewards have always been helpful, accommodating, and accepting of the junior stewards and all of their skills and limitations. The organization, the Bolsa Chica Land Trust, has been nothing but supportive and encouraging.
The kids are so different and bring so many diverse perspectives. It’s so cool to see kids at different ages help each other work and learn about the plants and animals on the mesa. I also love hearing the conversations for each age group. I’ve learned about Minecraft, Doctor Who, and everyone’s least favorite teacher. And although they have a slew of useless information, the junior stewards have impressed me with their knowledge of the plants and animals at Bolsa Chica. I hope that they continue to motivate me and inspire others with their dedication and expertise.


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